Warriors are currently leading the Spurs

Warriors are currently leading the Spurs with a total score of 2-0 Billy Williams Jersey, but they still do not dare to be taken lightly Matt Szczur Jersey, after all, the third and fourth war will be carried out in San Antonio, warriors defender Livingston said that even if the Spurs did not Leonard, One of the hardest winning teams, while Brown coach said he wanted Leonard to play, but unfortunately this can not be a reality in the third war Carl Edwards Jr Jersey.The reason for this is my political point of view, "Kanter today ushered in his 25-year-old birthday, did not expect to be detained by the police, Kant directly directed at the Turkish President Erdogan, and before that, Has repeatedly bombarded Erdogan, denounced each other as "dictator", or even called "modern Hitler.""I hope you will pray for us, and I will report to you at any time," said Kant.It is worth mentioning that the news of Canter caused widespread concern, but also led to the high-level and management of the concern, the Thunder said they are working with the Union Office to discuss countermeasures Caleb Smith Jersey, hope that the appropriate means to collect information. And the final league to help Kanter smooth leave Romania, has now come to London, Kant's destination is New York.

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Pachulia played 10 games in the playoffs

Pachulia played 10 games in the playoffs this year and averaged 6.1 points, 4.3 rebounds and 1 assists in 14.5 minutes per game. While Andre Iguodala in the playoffs in nine games, averaging 26.3 minutes played, can contribute 7 points 4.4 rebounds and 3.3 assists.Kant has been troubled by his political views, and in 2015 Jose Rosario Jersey, Kant defeated the Turkish national team for the European Championship Mark Grace Jersey, although the then coach Elgin Ataman said that all this and political factors have nothing to do, but Everyone knows that Kant's unsuccessful is because of his political views.As we all know, Jordan's souvenirs will always sell high prices. MJ in the "Battle of the Battle" through the shoes in 2013 Anthony Rizzo Jersey, photographed $ 104,000, so this rare No. 9 jersey will certainly shoot a very high price. It is reported that the auction will start on June 2 as scheduled, starting price of 10,000 US dollars Andre Dawson Jersey.

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